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Getting started with LG Inform Value for Money Profiles

The Value for Money (VFM) profiles bring together data about the costs, performance and activity of local councils and fire and rescue authorities. The data are displayed under sections that give an overview of the chosen organisation and the services it delivers.

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You can select sections using the reports menu or by using links within the tables to drill into the profiles and find more details about a particular metric. You can also export data at various points within the site. Using the profiles you can see;


  • how an organisation is spending its resources, and how well services perform;
  • how the costs and performance of an organisation compare to others;
  • the latest planned budgets for councils;
  • outlier reporting.

The VFM profiles use data supplied by councils and fire and rescue authorities. They can be used by anyone who has an interest in local public services including service users and residents. To enter the profiles select an organisation to view using the search box above.